Catering for schools and nurseries

We view the trend towards buying ready-made meals and food from discount supermarkets with concern. That is why, we would like to contribute to helping children discover the benefits of fresh food and healthy nutrition.

Based on our many years of know-how, we developed BIOLOGISCH as an innovative concept in the area of organic food for schools and day-care centers in Germany. With this concept, we wish to realize our idea of ensuring that our children are provided with balanced lunchtime catering nationwide.

„BIOLOGISCH – Catering for schools and nurseries“ proves that healthy food can also be really tasty.

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When it comes to our children, quality is of the utmost importance. That is why 50-70% of the products we work with have been cultivated organically in order to provide our children with healthy and unadulterated meals.

Several times a week, BIOLOGISCH also offers complete menus prepared with products that have been cultivated 100% organically. These meals have been highlighted on the menu. Furthermore, when preparing our monthly menus, we observe the current quality standards for nursery and school catering set by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung (DGE).

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Healthy food, really tasty

Our sense for trendy food and what children like to eat, enhanced by high quality products, ensures we offer meals that suit every taste. BIOLOGISCH offers food that is perfectly adjusted to the requirements of children and young adults.

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